Our extensive knowledge is the result of 20 years in the industry.
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Over the years, many OEM profiles have been deleted from production schedules. We have solutions for their replacement, most already in our database. Give us a try! 

  • The Right Fit For Your Boat
  • Over 20 years of OEM knowledge and installation experience
  • Largest selection of extrusions/rub rail profiles. We sell all brands extrusions
  • Rub Rail shipped/installed anywhere
  • Custom fabrications available
  • Aluminum/Rigid/Semi Rigid & Flexible Vinyls
  • Stainless 304 & 316 Grades

For Faster Solutions…
please provide 

  • Boat manufacturer, model and year
  • Material and style of profile: Vinyl (rigid, semi-rigid, flexible)
  • Insert (no insert, flexible insert, stainless insert)
  • Measurement (vertical height as mounted on boat)
  • Pics (200kb or smaller. We have limited space). Please provide an open end view of profile. You may have to pull a cap off or loosen a few screws and pull it away for a good view. Very seldom can I identify a profile by its face/frontal view.